Preventative Maintenance


Preventive Maintenance

Every Preventive Maintenance through 2nd Life Biomedical includes:
  1. Test and calibrate all configurations of the device in accordance of the parameters set forth by the manufacturer
  2. Customer will receive a printed test document showing the calibrated performance of the device
  3. Upgrade the device's most recent software at no charge (excludes Lifepaks)
  4. Complimentary cleaning of the device
  5. Send annual or bi-annual reminders when it is time for customer's next PM to help keep the device in compliance

Preventive Maintenance (PM) is required on all medical equipment. Multiple agencies have weighed in on this mandate and below are a few examples.

  1. "A qualified biomedical technician must perform a more thorough maintenance test checkout every six months to ensure that the functions of the M Series unit work properly." Zoll M Series Service Manual
  2. "Test the defibrillator system at least once every six months to ensure that the system will reliably produce the maximum energy level that will be used on patients." And, "Provide the most current instructions for use with each defibrillator model during daily testing and preventive maintenance procedures, including any manufacturer's suggested checklists." [More Info] The FDA also states: "Follow manufacturer recommendations and your facility's policy for proper maintenance…" [More Info] Furthermore, the FDA dictates: "Conduct preventive maintenance of all external defibrillators according to the manufacturer's protocol and regulatory requirements and your facility's best practice." [More Info]
  3. "The Joint Commission considers defibrillators life support equipment." "…defibrillators must be included in an organization's medical equipment inventory." "Maintenance activities then must be identified for equipment on the inventory." [More Info]
  4. The CAAS (Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services) states that "The agency must have a preventive maintenance program, with records of all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, for both the vehicles and the durable medical equipment inside." Furthermore, CAAS mandates AEDs, ECG/Defibrillator Equipment, Pulse Oximeters, etc. be covered by any preventive maintenance service policy: • Perform manufacturer's recommended cablibrations/inspections. • Replace and service batteries (if applicable) • [More Info]

Without a timely and comprehensive PM, you could be out of compliance and subject to liability. We seek to "partner" with our PM customers by monitoring your upcoming maintenance dates and reminding them of the need to perform the PM. This is all done through our CRM (Customer Relations Manager) software and personal phone calls/emails to set up on-site appointments or coordinate the logistics of returning the medical devices for service at our location in Brentwood, TN. We strive to have all PM devices turned around within 24 hours so you are without your equipment for the shortest possible time.

Our technicians use the newest testing equipment from Fluke Biomedical and provide our customers with a PDF of the test results for your records. We also keep a copy on file, just in case a customer ever requires it.

Our Test Equipment

LOANER UNITS: We've Got You Covered

2nd Life Biomedical keeps an extensive loaner pool of devices for our customers to use, if necessary. We understand that sometimes being without your equipment is not an option, and we can ship you a unit to use if yours ever goes down. We extend this program to the equipment that we 1) service, 2) perform regular PMs for and 3) is under our Service Contract.

Complimentary Cleaning

As an added benefit of using 2nd Life for your Preventive Maintenance checks, we also include a complimentary cleaning by our experienced detailers. We have been buying and selling re-certified equipment for over 13 years. When selling a used product, the goal is to "WOW" the customer by providing a unit that looks new. Over the years, we have detailed well over 10,000 machines, so we know our way around them. The devices you send to us will be detailed before we send them back to you. This is just a small way of saying "thank you" for using 2nd Life Biomedical for your biomedical needs.

Please let us know how we can help you stay in compliance.